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Professional freelance model capturing their confident pose and the love for the fashion industry.

Myeesha Niknamfard

MyMuNi, Owner of My Dominion,

Definition of a Black Queen

Welcome to MyMuNi, Definition of a Black Queen, Owner of My dominion. Fashion is more than a profession, it is a life-style. It’s a passion that determines the lens through which is perceived with everything around me and what I see. Contact me for more information about recent projects, or if you’d like to collaborate on something new and creative.

About Myeesha Niknamfard

The commercial print model exudes charm and sophistication while showcasing a trendy outfit in a vibrant advertising campaign.

MyMuNi, Definition of a Black Queen is derived from my full name which is (My) Myeesha (Mu) Muhammad (Ni) Niknamfard. My name means, "A Lively Praise of One Good Person with One Good Name". I am currently a freelance model who heart is bursting with creativity and passion, and through branding myself my goal is to continue in the beauty industry by creating art and advertising. I have been a Cosmetologist for over 15 years. I specialized in hair and makeup which always pushes me to stay up on the latest trends and Fashion. Besides modeling, I love to write and read, exercise, self-develop and most of all spend time with my family. 

Welcome to my Model Portfolio, the best space to browse my latest projects. Since 2000 this has been my vocation, and this is the realization of a lifelong dream.

I’ve been keeping busy lately with passion projects as well as some commissioned work, but I’m always looking for new opportunities. For information about collaborations and my availability for other projects, please be in touch at or contact me here on my website. Hope to collaborate soon.


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