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Awakened Queen

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

The book "Awakened Queen" was written by Crystal Marie Chambers, who bravely shares her personal journey towards becoming the queen she was meant to be. Reading her book has opened my eyes to ways in which I can awaken and reach my own full potential. Although I still have much to work on, I strive to better myself each day. As I continue on my own journey as a black queen, I am grateful to Crystal for inspiring me to speak my own truth and make it a reality.

On my website, I write blogs that speak to my own experiences and truths, offering a glimpse into who I am. In 2021, I am determined to overcome any challenges and shine bright. With much to read, learn, and apply to my life, I invite you to join me on this journey of awakening. I hope this book review serves as a source of knowledge and inspiration, encouraging you to embrace the mindset of an awakened queen.

Note: By clicking on the link below I get a commission on selling Awakened Queen through Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program. Thanks In Advance!

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