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Bedtime Stories Review

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

I Love Bedtime Stories by Kacy Keys, it is so sexy. This book has truly opened my eyes to the possibilities of passionate lovemaking. The stories give you an imagination beyond the ordinary missionary position, lol. Although the missionary position is ok, many possibilities are much more extraordinary to reach the climax that is wanted and needed. Sex should never be ashamed of, it should be embraced and celebrated because technically that's how we all got here in the first place, they call it reproduction. Bedtime Stories spice things up with role-playing in the bedroom such as blindfolding, sex toys, aphrodisiac foods, and more.

Let's talk about being blindfolded. If you aren't afraid of being blindfolded and you trust your partner, this is a great way to build up anticipation as to what will happen. What will happen is a surprise and hopefully, the reaction is accepted. When being blindfolded you can add in toys and aphrodisiac foods which I will talk about next. If your partner does not like surprises then you can do other things that you know will arouse and excite them. Conversations about what your partner likes are a must because you don't want disappointment. It will kill future interactions and the spice in your life, lol.

I Love to play! Now sex toys or games are something that we all like to play with, I know I do. If you don't, you don't know what you are missing. Playing with toys is another level of excitement that will have your head spinning and wanting more. If you don't know what a sex toy is then I will tell you. A sex toy is an object or device used for sexual stimulation or to enhance sexual pleasure. Sound's Great doesn't it? Depending on what you like then it is very important to have this conversation and explore the options of heating things in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, park, beach, hotel, etc. Sorry, I was given options for places. If that is not your thing, Ok! Find your comfort zone, because it is exciting to become uncomfortable and then explode with a climax that you have never explored before. Make the pussy jump and the dick jump, that's what's up! Lol!

Everybody Loves Food!! I Love Mangos, Strawberries, watermelon, and so much more. When you add food in the bedroom of possibilities, it is amazing!! There are other aphrodisiac foods to include while sucking and licking the succulents of the dick and pusy prints as well as the addition of artichokes (with butter), asparagus (with butter), chocolate (whip cream), etc. The list is endless on what your taste buds want to explore together. Find what you and your partner like to eat and have a feast with and on each other. It is an amazing feeling!!

Reading Bedtime Stories by Kacy Keys is a phenomenal way to open the mind, body, and soul of what your heart desires. If you are a sex freak, and your partner is a sex freak, enjoy it! I bet you will be so much happier because when you love someone, the feeling is extraordinary. Explore the possibilities of, smack the bootie and choke ya, type shit, lol! Enjoy your Valentine's Day and enjoy the possibilities of what your love can do, because you never know the climax you are about to climb.

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Enjoy Sex!!

Note: By clicking on the link below I get a commission on selling Bedtime Stories by Kacy Keys through Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program. Thanks In Advance!

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