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Freelance Model

Freelance Model Queen MyMuNi, Definition of A Black Queen from Fresno, California has done it again! This photo shoot was a success and the professionalism the photographers had shown was very much appreciated. Queen MyMuNi did not want to waste anytime, so she showed confidence and professional grace with the experience she has learned over the years. In the photo shoot, she felt like she owned the camera and the camera knew her every move. The camera and the photographer behind it captured every moment she presented, whether it was sensual, natural, content, happy, etc. The moments was created and captured without hesitation.

Being a freelance model takes commitment and motivation to accomplish the art and message conveyed. Her motivation is through art and sound. As the music flows through her body, she moves with precision, giving the photographers a chance to instruct the art they would like to see. The natural atmosphere complemented the ambience of the ensemble that Queen MyMuNi is wearing. Sexy Country Girl is what she is portraying to be with the combination of short flannel, long sleeve dress, with a natural beige belt, and long black boots. The make up is on point, natural eye shadow with a tint of red. The lip stick is popping with Red Ultra HD Matte Color, which matches with the whole aspect of boldness.

Queen MyMuNi is bold in every way, bold with a pinch of humbleness. This photoshoot was shot on a beautiful land owned by some beautiful people. They are very much appreciated for letting the magic happen because the land was blessed with animals who embrassed the presence of Queen MyMuNi. Take a look of the Vlog and photos that were taken in the moment of time. Enjoy The Moments!! Queen!!

@dougmarmolejo and @nemimayu Thank You!!

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