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Meet Myeesha Muhammad Niknamfard

A lot has changed and stayed the same since July of 2020. The Pandemic has taught me to not let myself or anyone get in the way of my success. In this video, I was truly transparent and I am still transparent. I mentioned that my husband and I were trying for another child and that has changed do to misunderstandings and lack of communication. We are not trying for another child because we need to work on our marriage. The pandemic has opened my eyes to my marriage, being a mother, having a full time job, and managing my career as a inspiring freelance model.

Being married is like a business because there are combined incomes involved, which requires attention when things change. Finance is the #1problem marriages have especially when one person wants to expand and the other just want to be content where they are in life. It is very hard to stay on the same page making plans for our future because we have our differences in what we want out of life. The only thing we agree on, is to make sure our son is good by saving money for his future. There is love, but love is not enough when we want to make plans to secure our sons future, have another child, remodel our home, travel, retire etc. Needless to say, but those plans will not happen, if we do not increase our income.

I am a part time mother which really saddens me because I work full time. My husband is a stay home dad and he takes care of our son. He is a phenomenal father to our son and I am truly grateful. He teaches our son so much and by the time he gets to kindergarden he will be advanced. Our son knows his shapes, colors, ABC's, 123's, he knows how to read, and much more. I wish that I could be at home with our son but I have to work to keep all that we have together. My son misses me and I miss him everyday but I always let him know that I am working to provide a good life for him and our family.

Having a fulltime job is detrimental to my health, lol! Although, I appreciate that I have a job and the people that I work with, but it is not what I want to do for the rest of my life. I am in the banking industry which is a stressful job, it requires so much attention away from my family, friends, and leisure time. During this pandemic, we lost a co-worker and it was the most hard thing to go through. Plus, we had to close and relocate to another branch to work right after our lost. The stress levels were so high that it was hard to function but we all managed to get through it all in such a short notice. Through the tough times, I manged to set my feeling aside and regain satisfaction in helping some people succeed financially, because through any hardship we all need some help, sometimes. That is why I push myself all the time to learn new skills and do what I love the most, which is to challenge myself to open up to new adventures and create happiness.

My happiness is to become an inspirational freelance model as well as an influencer in the beauty and fashion industry. I have always loved the beauty and fashion industry and I want to transistion my goals into something that will help in networking with others who are entrepreneurs in the beauty and fashion industry as well as other brands. I am currently networking and promoting with local entrepreneurs here in Fresno, California. Most of my blogs and vlogs are about promoting brands and doing reviews on their creation, which I truly love because its a Win Win, I promote to get myself and their brand out there to the world.

In my video, I talk about myself for you all to get to know me and I will continue to do that because I know that some people out there are going through some challenges through this pandemic whether it is marriage, parenting, job, income, career, losing a loved one, etc. The list is long but hopefully the list will become shorter and I can be able to breathe and say, "Ok lets get through this, I got this, keep it moving". Time does not stand still, and I wont either. I have too much to offer and I know my worth. There are many chapters In my past, present, and future. I will always create new elements to my life and not repeat the same thing that will hold me back from my success in this life. I am Myeesha Muhammad Niknamfard and this is a part of my story.

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Queen/Friend, I absolutely love your transparency, your hard truths(I can imagine),your drive for success & your love for your son & husband. You really tugged at my heartstrings with this beautifully articulated piece from your heart. Thank you for sharing YOU with all of US. I love you & I pray the Most High grants you all the desire of your heart according to His will 🙌🏾 ❣. Continued blessings, Queen 👑

Myeesha Niknamfard
Myeesha Niknamfard
Mar 21, 2021
Replying to

Awh thank you lovely. Your the first one to comment on any of my blogs and I appreciate it so much. ♥️🙏🏾

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