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My Rose Water

Updated: May 22, 2023

Roses are red, roses are blue, and here we are again…a blog for you! Let me tell you a little bit about roses and their benefits as well as why and how I started to create my own skin and hair care products. Roses are the oldest flower that has been discovered and are dated 35 million years. Roses have many benefits and fun facts that many do not know such as Roses have 10 beautiful colors and meanings to all of them. As most people know red roses mean Love and Passion. My Rose Water was created to help heal with love and passion naturally for hair, skin, and believe it or not mental health.

July 31, 2019, was a huge shift in our family lives and it will never be forgotten. I was in my first trimester with twins, and it started out very stressful. I was trying to stay positive but deep down inside I felt stressed and depressed. Apart from me knew that we might lose them, but I was praying and hoping they would survive. Unfortunately, I had to face the reality that they were not meant to be with us. After losing our beloveds, I created My Rose Water to remember them by expressing love and passion for them through healing.

This is how it all happens! One day, I was retwisting my clients locs when she was on the phone face timing with one of her friends who had a strong connection with the universe and her ancestors. Long story short, this woman didn’t know me, and I didn’t know her, and she channeled into my ancestors to send me a message. The message was, “It is not your fault, your babies love you”. I instantly broke down and started to cry because I thought, how did this person know I had a miscarriage? My client didn’t know either, so it was a surreal experience that this person I didn’t know, knew this about me, mind-blowing!

After all the crying, the woman on the phone told my client to hug me and give her time to grieve, she hasn’t forgiven herself, and the ancestors have another message for you. I regain my composure and was willing to receive the next message. The next message was “Your ancestors said, “Sell Your Rose Water!” My mouth dropped because again how did the women know I make rose water? I only made rose water for myself to help heal my skin, hair, and mental health. This message was my why and all I needed to motivate myself to heal by sharing My Rose Water with the world.

As most of you know, I am a licensed cosmetologist of 23 years plus. I took a long 7yr break but now I have a purpose to continue with my love and passion. I shifted towards natural haircare and skincare because I truly believe that to heal, one must take care of the root of the problem instead of covering what will always remain if one does not clean and nourish oneself. For example, if one has an issue with dandruff in their hair, ask yourself, “What creates dandruff?” Dandruff is caused by stress levels, diet, hygiene, medical conditions, and choice of haircare products. There are many more factors, but I just named a few to tell you about my experience with dandruff.

After the miscarriage, I didn’t eat right, I used all kinds of hair products, and my stress level remains today lol. But I got fed up (took me 1 ½ years) and started to research a way to heal naturally and My Rose Water was the key. I created and used My Rose Water in January of 2021 for 10 months before I started to sell in October of 2021. It has been rejuvenating for me to continue with my purpose for our born and unborn. They are the Love and Passion I hold to share with the world.

My Rose Water has helped me mentally in so many ways. Although having a business is stressful, having roses around my environment helps me remember why I am doing what I’m doing. The love and passion to share my story and why I have created My Rose Water have mentally helped me keep my thoughts together in staying determined and motivated with purpose. The purpose is to heal one day at a time whether it's your skin, hair, or mental state of mind, My Rose Water will give you life.

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My Rose Water

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