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In 2021, It is a whole new ball game. It is time to shine! I have embarked on a new profession which will allow me, to do me. I have incorporated videography and photography and it its gratifying that I am able to do my own production. Editing is a new art to me because I can express myself through ehancing my personality in emphasizing the effects of my character. This is another form of art that I didnt know existed. I am able to express my artistic ability through video, and photo. In this Blog, I will go over the apps/programs I use which are lumafusion, imovie, and epidemicsound.

LumaFusion was the first program I used to edit my videos. At first it was hard but I was determine to get good at it. I learned how to create main titles for the introduction, overlay titles, add effects, sound etc. I occupied a lot of my time editing videos. It became a hobbie and now its becoming a passion of mine. I started to record a lot more than usual to create more content for my youtube channel. The first video I made with LumaFusion was a video of my family Playing with Playdoh, It is on The Niknamfard's Youtube page.

After using LumaFusion for a while, I learned about imovie and OMG, I fell in love with the green screen effect. When I use the greeen screen I am able to use any background I want, it is truly amazing. When I make videos with imovie they look so professional. I am an amateur and they look as if a professional created it. Another thing I like when editing with imovie is that I can create trailers before the movie to let people have a sneek peek at what I created. It is Awesome!

Lastly, when editing my videos I can add music and sound effects with epidemicsound. Epidemicsound is a great online source for adding music to my content. I pay a monthly subscription and it is worth it. Epidemicsound is a royal free music and sound effects program that has music for every category like Ads, Promos, trailers, corporate, cinematic etc. The list is long and I am glad they have a variety. Also, I like when I added one channel per platform, epidemicsounds clear the content I publish on my channels featuring their music and keep me safe from copyright claims. I definitely dont need anybody coming after me for copyright issues, so appreciate that very much.

Editing is fun and time consuming. It is also gratifying to me because I get to control my own content and create something that represents me. I have a lot to learn of course and I am excited to watch my content get better and better overtime. I have included a couple of the videos I have created with imovie. If you like the videos, go to Myeesha Niknamfard Youtube channel to see more. Dont forget to like, share, and subcribe . Lets Go Get MyMuNi!

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2 commentaires

_Coach Cat
_Coach Cat
22 juin 2021

Wow Myeesha, this was so encouraging for months I have been feeling the dark about not knowing how to use these programs. I can do this. I can edit. I can make. Time. And I will not let this new thing discourage me. Thanks girl😍

Myeesha Niknamfard
Myeesha Niknamfard
11 août 2021
En réponse à

Sorry for the delay in response. You are truly welcome. You know I got you if you need help.

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