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The "No" Fashion Show

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

The "No" Fashion Show in Fresno, California on January 9, 2022 was the most epic moment of my life. I got to show my town first hand of who Model MyMuNi was at that moment, and it felt so real, matter of fact, it was real. Styles by Kmonet was the mastermind behind the creation of this fashion show, she worked hard to create and execute her vision and made her dreams come true with hard work, dedication and the help of others. In turn, her hard work open doors for many Make Up Artist, Local Models, and Local Fashion Brands here in Fresno.

I felt like a Queen getting pampered by my MUA Britney Morgan. She was professional, fun and creative. She made my make up look flawless and her vibe was flawless. Brittany is originally from LA, and she moved out here to Fresno to get another perspective and purpose of life. At the fashion show she felt alive and truly bless to be apart of the show by helping me and all the girls look flawless in their makeup and lashes for the show. Although, there were other makeup artist that I unfortunately did not get to meet, but brittany was the chosen one. There was also make up provided by @lipsbybb and Lashes provided by @minkxmuck, which was truly appreciated.

There were so many models, I believe over 30 who represented all the brands. Everyone in the room had positives vibes and enjoyed themselves. I met so many models men and women who were truly talented. Before the show I attended the first casting call and It was amazing seeing just the few that showed up and to see them walk. The second casting call a lot more showed up, not just from Fresno but from the Bay and LA. So the word got out about the fashion show up and down california, how exciting. I aslo was presented with an opportunity to be a walking coach for the girls and I felt honored.

Although, I am my worst critic and I think I walk ok, but everyone else said that I killed the catwalk. That definitely made my confidence level humbly higher. Thank you to all of those who believed in me and gave me a chance to teach. Hopefully, one day I can turn this skill into an income generator or just helping young women gain confindence with just a simple walk. That in itself gives me joy that I can boost the confidence of others. Their were many models from other brands that I worked with and I am so glad I was able to help. But the Dos Fashions beautiful ladies that I worked with on the runway as well as learned a bit from, were Babygirl The Official Selena, Jayden Berrian, Lawreece, Celina Linhle, and Jewel Johnson.

Dos Fashions by Elizabeth Rae was the brand that I represented at the fashion show and I was so happy to be the reveal wearing the Go Baby Metal Chain Dress, which many celebrities have been rocking, espaecially after I wore the dress, lol. Just Kidding, but needless to say Dos Fashions was up to date with this phenomenal fashion trend and I rocked It fabulously well. Dos Fashions had 5 beautiful models stepping out in their fine styles, slaying the runway paved with inspiring pictures of fashion models across the world.

The fine styles that were worn that night was the Linked Up 3 Piece Sweater Dress, Shooting For The Stars Sequin Blazer Dress, Heartbreaker Mini Dress, Go Baby Metal Chain Dress and The Lisa Fashion Dress. All These fine pieces can be purchased at Needless to say, we all represented and rocked all these styles on the runway of The "No" Fashion Show and everyone loved it. When You watch the videos down below, you will see the love that was shown for Dos Fashions Brand. Enjoy a Glimpse of The "No" Fashion Show...

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