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Transition To Natural Deodorant

In addition to the YouTube Video I wanted to mention that I am transitioning all of my products such as toothpaste, feminine products, and deodorant to strictly vegan. Although, Food is another beast in trying to transition but that is also a challenge that I am willing to face again. That is another blog in the future. So far, my vitamins, skincare, and hair products are all vegan. So If you are thinking about going all natural with your products just know that you will be doing yourself and the world a favor. Applying toxic ingredients in your skin as well as toxins in the environment can be hurtful in the long run. It is very relieving to know exactly what is in your products. For example, I use oils for my skin and hair such as Tea Tree oil, Coconut Oil, Castro Oil, etc. Basically, essential oils for practically everything. It makes me feel better and it works better. Natural Deodorant can be challenging when transitioning from toxic deodorants that most people use these days, but it is possible. Im glad I made the jump to embrace my natural funk, I mean natural fragrance. Check out my YouTube Video, hope it inspires you to go natural.

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