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Water Slide Nail Decal Press On’s

I Love My Press On’s!! Let me tell you why...when the pandemic, quarantine, locked down, whatever you want to call it occurred, I was lost on how I was going to get my nails done. I am so blessed that I have connections and friends that I worked with in the beauty industry who continued to flourish in their profession. My girl Edrina Jaurez branched out into doing nails. Her expertise is hair but she learned something new and that is Water Slide Nail Decal Press On’s.

These press on’s are truly a hit with me and many others who looked for a way to get their nails done during this uncertain pandemic. These press on nails are not just any kind of press on nails. They are not the cheap kind you get at the stores. They are customized to the measurement of my nail bed, and they fit perfect. When people ask me, Where did you get your nails done?..I say, “they are customized press on nails made by my girl Edrina and I put them on myself.” Their response is priceless because they cannot believe how good the press on’s look. Their response is "they look like you got them done at the nail salon." And my response is "Yaaaaas!"

They are durable and easy to put on, they last up to two weeks. And if I lose a nail in between time, I glue it right back on, lol. Also, they are easy to take off without ruining the nail bed like acrylics do. I really prefer my customized press on nails because I can apply them on myself and I don’t have to worry about waiting or setting an appointment to get my nails done at the salon. Check out the video to see how I do my Glammed by Edrina Nails.

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