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Maxim Covergirl Competition

My journey in the Maxim Covergirl competition was truly amazing. I was in it, to win it and my supporters where rooting and motivating me to do so. I posted, tagged, created videos, created tiktoks, direct messaged,etc. I participated in all platforms to get the word out, to vote for me in becoming the next Maxim Covergirl. Dont get me wrong, the competition was not all about me winning $25,000 and being on the cover of Maxim Covergirl. It was also about contributing to the Jared Allen Homes For Wounded Warriors by purchasing votes for me. There were two kinds of votes, the warrior votes and free daily votes. Both votes were very important for me to win the competition.

Throughout the competition I felt like I was too old to compete, but then I looked at all the other competitors and quickly changed my mind. There were so many different women who looked my age or maybe even older who looked amazing. Right then, I knew I own this competition and nobody, including myself, couldn't tell me nothing. I focused on promoting myself, creating content to get people engaged, conversing with people on social media about different topics, you name it, I was engaging more than usual.

At the end of the competition, I even refreshed my portfolio with a new photo that got a lot of views and likes. I call it, "Fresno's Finest!" The picture has the tallest building in downtown Fresno known as the Pacific Southwest Building. It is also known as the Security Bank Building which is a 16 story, 220ft high rise. I am standing in front of it from a distance with a green flowing dress. The picture is epic, I love it! Although my efforts did not go un-noticed, I am proud to say I went out of the competition with a banging photo.

Needless to say, I have learned a lot from this competition and It showed me to Never Give Up, even when that doors closed, I remained patient, kept working towards my goals and guess what? Another door opened! 😃 I responded to a casting call locally here in fresno and I was given the opportunity to be an extra in a music video created by several artist. I am so excited to create with positive and like minded people. The competition also taught me not to be afraid to ask and network with people that have a common goal to become successsful. Again, I truly thank all of you who voted and stuck with me till the end. This video is My Thank you, Check it Out! Like, Share, and Subscribe! Peace and Hair Grease, Lol.

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