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Self Love ❤️

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

In 2020 the global pandemic hit, causing a lot of confusion, anxiety, stress, etc., you name it, uncertainty occured. Covid-19 is a virus that increased all the unwanted emotions because it can cause death at anytime for anyone. When there is uncertainity we have one extreme to the next, meaning we have isolation, caution without guidance on how to be cautious, and those who are not cautious. This is why Self Love ❤️ is extremely important because I have to make sure that I am doing my part by protecting myself, my family, and others by following the guidlines. The guidelines that are recommended by the CDC is for all of us to wear mask, conduct social distance, wash hands, and avoid crowds at all times.

At the start of the pandemic, people wore mask any kind of way. For example, some man wore a paper bag over his head, with holes to see out of, and he expected to get service, lol. Needless to say, he got turned away until he wore a proper mask. In my opinion, I think he was rebelling and didnt care because he thought wearing a mask was stupid, so he tried to be funny. The funny part is that he got turned away for trying to be funny,lol. He definitely was not showing Self Love ❤️ with that paper bag on his head, matter of fact he was humiliating himself. He was being laughed at and that is not a good feeling. Im sure he felt confused and embarrassed because he didn't know Self Love ❤️.

I didnt realize how many people invade space until the social distance was put in place. I cannot count how many times I had to ask some one to keep their distance from me. People forget, but they shouldnt forget when it comes to their health, Self Love ❤️. This virus can be contrated by dropplets. Dropplets are the little spit balls that come out of ones mouth when they talk. If a droplet falls in the mouth, Covid! If a droplet falls in your eye, Covid! If a droplet fall in the nose when one breathes, Covid! If a droplet fall in the ears, Covid! Need I continue...No, I understand how it is contracted, so therefore, I am keeping my distance, Self Love ❤️.

Hygiene is definitely important! Self Love ❤️! Washing Hands for 20 secs or more need to be mandatory for everyone to do. The hands touch the more surfaces than any part of the body, therefore, washing hands are extremely important. What is crazy to me is that people use gloves and it is not effective if one doesnt know how to use them correctly. For example, I have seen people use the gloves and touch surfaces, touch their phone, touch their face and continue to use them when they are in their car. They touch every surface of their car, therefore, Covid is all over them and their car because they did not properly use the gloves. SMH, I cannot express how many times I have seen stupidity. Washing the hands frequently is the most effective and it has never failed me. I dont not touch the inside of my mask or my face, self care and Self Love ❤️. I try not to touch my mask espaecially if I havent washed my hands. I know not to touch my face because of my skin, I do not like surprises when it comes to my skin, therefore, I do not touch my face unless I washed my hands prior to touching, Self Love ❤️.

I know we all love to party and hang out with our friends but NOW is not the time!! It is time to show Self Love ❤️ and avoid large crowds. Save yourself and your family by not involving yourself in risky situations. I went on an outing by myself to Engelmann Cellars in Fresno, California because I felt the need for Self Love ❤️. Engelmann Cellars has plenty of acres to walk around. The social distancing was real, I was literally the only one out there because businesses are struggling to have many people in one place. So needless to say I enjoyed myself because I read a book by Author Kacy Keys, Bedtime Stories, drank some wine, walked around, pet the dogs that reside there for comfort and company. I truly enjoyed my Self Love ❤️.

I practiced every guidline that is expected in this day in time which is wear mask, conduct social distance, wash hands, and avoid crowds at all times. At Engelmann Cellars, I enjoyed every minute, just watch and you will learn. We all need motivation to stay in within the guidlines, we forget but it is important to not forget that this virus can harm you or result in death and leave your family in grief of losing their loved one. Please practice all the things I mentioned because by doing so we will get closer and closer to getting through this pandemic together. If one doesn't take care of self then one will not survive. Self Love ❤️ is in order, Queen MyMuNi says so, with Love.

Enjoy Self Love and Mental Health ❤️

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