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Unordinary and Extraordinary

This journey was first time experience. I never thought about going on a hike by myself but I did and I would do it again. Next time, I will be a bit more prepared, I failed to have several necessities such as a blanket, tent, emergency radio, charger, and a lot more survival stuff. Although I was only going on a short hike, it is very crucial to be prepared when something unexpected happens. No one expects to get lost but it is definitely possible, especially if you do not pay attention to your surroundings and back track every step of the way.

On this journey, I almost got lost because I was on my phone recording. I will not do that again! I wasnt paying attention, but luckly I stopped and checked my surroundings. Where I was going did not look familiar so i walked back to what was familiar. I saw a broken tree that was black and had three twigs on it and said to myself..."Self! This is the tree you saw when you where walking up here, so you are going the right way, keep going this way"! Lol!

I conquered something unordinary and etraordinary becuase I knew that I would become inspired to do more. It is prime time for me and I plan on doing a lot more unordinary and extraordinary things in this one life I have. I will always have the word's of my father imprinted in my heart and mind and those words are..."Keep Allah (God) on your mind"!, "Yo daddy didnt raise no punk bitch" lol!, "Be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove"!, and "Dont conquer the world by yourself"!~Haakim Maalik-Ul-Mulk (RIP Daddy and Thank You) True words of wisdom by a wise man!

I never understood those words of wisdom till I lived a little. Although I am still living my life, it is very different as I age and want bigger and better things in life. The bigger and better things in my life is my son and I will set an example for him. In order to live, I have to face my fears and not try to conquer the world alone. No Excuses, No Regrets, and Just Do it! I hope that this Blog and Vlog will inspire you to live and do unordinary and extraordinary things in this life. Life is too short and I plan on living my life like I am going to live for a long time. I will not allow anyone to hold me back from accomplishing my goals because if I do, I will only let myself down. And letting myself down is definitely not an option. Stay Blessed!

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